Hey, I’m Céline… SF based jewelry designer and blogger with a love of accessorizing and a slight flair for the dramatic. Shoes, hair, jewelry, clothing, purses, nail polish – each has a special place in my heart (and walk in closet). To me, every day is a costume party, and every piece of the outfit has a purpose. It’s what makes getting dressed each morning so much fun.

Inspired by my love of quality costume jewelry and the inability to leave the house without at least three accessories, I created petite.v to add a unique and personalized finishing touch to each and every outfit.

What were once abandoned typewriter keys have been given a second life in the form of stylish and personalized handmade accessories with the petite.v collection. And just like the typewriter keys themselves, the pieces only grow better with age.

I’ve been making jewelry for years, but the style and iconic look of the typewriter key collection came from my vintage themed wedding in Monte-Carlo in 2010. Adorning each bridesmaid and groomsman with a personalized gift was the important reminder that each person we brought into our life wrote their own chapter in our story – just like the keys of a typewriter.

Do you have questions or comments about the collection? Looking to create something unique? Drop me a line: celine@petitev.com