How She Wears It: Chloé

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If you know my sister, you know that you want to be her BFF within the first few minutes of meeting her. When we were younger I once asked her if she could help me to be cooler… she never let me live it down. This girl radiates positivity and pulls together effortless looks on the daily. How she styles her petite.v piece is no exception.


Name: Chloé

Current City: Chicago, IL

Personal style in 15 words or less: Classic with an edge. Always seeking delicious statement pieces.

How I wear petite.v: So many ways! Classic – simple and elegant. Edgy – wrapped in a chunky necklace, or layered with a longer chain.

Why I love my piece: Versatility, it goes with absolutely EVERYTHING. And it pops, I’m always getting stopped on the streets of Chi.

Style icon: Coco Chanel – I die for her.

Topping my “want” list right this second: A Chloe bag of course! Or a cozy Hermes Avalon Blanket.

Last song I rocked out to: I was in a dancing mood….. The Magician: Magic Tape Nineteen (love my SoundCloud).


  1. Bennie Y. Fox
    May 15, 2013

    Why is your blog so pretty? And I love your writing. Makes me want to curl up with a cup of coffee and watch the rain fall.

    • Harish
      June 20, 2013

      Ohhh…love a lot of the necklaces! I would def coohse my initials, RAE, I never thought much about my initials until my best friend’s husband came out of the delivery room and announced that they had named their daughter “Olivia Rae” (and yes it still brings tears to my eyes!)

  2. Rosie Weiss
    June 1, 2013

    I am or was a childrenswear designer, now mom of two, Mister M and Miss E and wife to my loving husband. I will let you in on my discoveries- knick knacks I love and things that inspires me. I will keep you updated with my latest creations and some DIY. I really hope to inspire you a little!