Oh, T&Cs. Who doesn’t love a little dose of “Here’s the deal”. My official terms and conditions are posted here, but feel free to check out the fun version:

“What is your return policy?”

If you’re unhappy with the craftsmanship of the piece, I’m happy to have a conversation about an exchange for store credit. While I don’t offer refunds, I do want to be sure you’re lovin’ your amazing new petite.v design!

“When the heck will it get here?!”

Each piece is made to order (with love). It may take up to three weeks to complete the custom design. From there you’ll want to add up to a week for shipping. Need it ASAP!?! Email me and I’ll see if I can get you covered.

“Can I go swimming, snorkeling, showering, slip and sliding wearing my piece?”

I’m going to go with “not at all suggested” for each thing mentioned above. Though all materials are waterproof, please remember that the key itself is not. Water exposure will make the key appear more weathered, which does add to the authenticity, but please be aware that showering/ swimming with your piece is not recommended.

“This doesn’t look exactly like what I saw online”

The keys are pulled from old typewriters. Your personalized piece won’t necessarily look like the one pictured. I make sure each re-purposed piece is up to the best standards – so don’t fret that it won’t look fantastic. Think of it more like you’re getting a special surprise when you receive your order (oh, la la!)

“The piece is too long/too short/too much on my collarbone.”

Does the necklace length need adjusting? Send it back and I’ll work with you to get it perfect. If you anticipate wanting the length to be a super exact fit or nestled just the way you like it, measure the length of an ideal chain prior and send it to me when you order. This will help avoid having to fix later.

Other things, and notes, and such, and such…

I stand by the quality of my work, so if anything happens to your piece, please reach out and I’ll see what I can do to fix or replace any broken parts. My goal is repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations. If you’re not happy with your purchase, please let me know what I can do to change that.